In May, a group of neighbors, the Broadway Corridor Coalition, asked the Toledo City Council to stop building a general dollar store on South Avenue near Broadway. The group said a local dollar store violated the Old South End master plan.

However, the board voted for developers to continue.

More recently, City Councilman Tyrone Riley has discussed two issues: the laws that make dollar stores the same rules as convenience stores, and a moratorium on “small discounts,” that is. Dollar stores: on Dorr Street, between Collingwood and Parkside Boulevards.

Riley said he also proposed a Dollar General Survey that would investigate the Dorr Street problem, but would also examine whether there were many dollar stores in the city of Toledo and, if so, whether a broader moratorium might be appropriate. .

“The moratorium I proposed applies to a limited area: Dorr Street between Collingwood and Parkside. However, an investigation of dollar stores is required to determine their socioeconomic impact. This applies not only to this neighborhood but to the entire neighborhood. City. “Said, Mr. Riley.

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“There are already five dollar stores on Dorr Street. The question is, do we need another one on Dorr Street? Because we have to see the socioeconomic impact they have in this community and when something needs to be done, “said the council.

Riley refers to the behavior he noticed in dollar transactions. Dairy products, soft drinks, and other refrigerated products arrive and sell that are not subject to performance monitoring regulations.

However, they receive a license to sell beer, wine, and cigarettes that allow them to compete with convenience stores, but remain exempt from regulations on monitoring and operating convenience stores.

Thus, it can be said that participating in DGCustomerFirst is not a difficult task at all. It just demands your honest and a few seconds.

They sell the same things as convenience stores, but they don’t have the same requirements as convenience stores, he said. And they really compete directly with convenience stores.”

Look, I’m not trying to stop the Dollar General Survey competition. I’m just saying that they can shut down local convenience stores and then you have another abandoned and abandoned building that needs treatment, he added. Riley

If they were subject to the regulations of the convenience stores, they would have to obtain a special license for it. They would have to go to the council, and that would give the public the opportunity to evaluate their opinions and say if they wish. Allow a dollar store in a certain area,” he said.