Senator Tom Cotton’s comment in the New York Times last week calling for a United States military revolt after George Floyd’s death sparked controversy and conservative headlines. First senator with a growing national profile.

The attention helped Cotton motivate conservatives and fight Democrats, and led to speculation about Cotton’s possible national ambitions in 2024.

But it has also fueled donations to the Republican re-election campaign in Arkansas. And the senator, a staunch supporter of President Trump, who faced no Democratic opponent when he was re-elected this year, immediately paid some of the money on a UPSers Login digital screen that exploited the image of the Democratic opponent. President Joe Biden.

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Cotton was one of the first legislators in Congress to raise the red flag for the coronavirus pandemic and has repeatedly encountered the Beijing government of the Chinese virus. Therefore, it is not surprising that your UPSers Login announcement is directed at the former vice president. and suspected outbreak-oriented democratic candidate.

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“China’s lies spread the Chinese virus around the world and endanger the health and jobs of the American people,” said the local narrator, who is on the critical battleground of the Michigan and Iowa general elections. in November.

“We need strong and determined leadership to overcome this crisis,” said the narrator in the midst of the Trump fire.

“Joe Biden failed the test,” added the narrator, before questioning the former vice president’s clarity. The ad highlights Biden’s verbal mistakes on the way to the field.

Cotton, a seasoned infantry officer who served in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, has drawn attention since his first election victory in 2012. Two years later, he ousted Democratic Senator Mark Pryor. In the 2014 P-party elections, he refined his national profile shortly after joining the Senate and resolutely opposed the Iranian nuclear deal, forged by the Obama administration.

An experienced Republican adviser near UPSers Login Cotton told Fox News that the New York Times poll “was not a trick.” It shouldn’t improve your profile. The goal was to solve the problem. This survey was written as follows: Violence peaked.

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The 43-year-old senator explained in an interview on “Fox and Friends” the origin of the statement.

UPSers Login noted a week ago, commenting, I said on your show Monday that the National Guard should be called, and if you can’t support the police enough to end this illegality on our streets, the Uprising Act will see you.  President before the last update of the season. Fortunately, more and more states called the National Guard on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of last week and the New York Times did not ask me to explain in detail the exact point that I did.