You will soon receive a Netflix subscription at your local supermarket.

The video streaming service announced in a letter to investors Monday that it was selling physical gift cards at “select stores” in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Germany, a small number from most of the 40 countries in the United States. operating Autumn will be autumn. it will work.

Gift cards not only serve as last-minute gifts for parents who don’t know what to get, but they also allow customers to pay for Netflix without a credit card. In fact, the image of the card in the investor letter shows that it is labeled “No credit card required.”

In mature markets, gift cards will expand our brand presence and facilitate access to Netflix, the company said in its letter. In new markets, gift cards help create the brand and offer consumers an easier alternative than joining Netflix, increasing online payments in the markets.

In the USA and Canada, it will be great marketing for Netflix to present a gift card at the supermarket along with Starbucks and iTunes. And in Germany, where the service starts in September, and in Mexico, this is just another way for Netflix to pay for Netflix.

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Netflix left many questions unanswered in a brief statement in its quarterly letter to investors, including the stores where the cards and denominations are sold. Netflix included a photo of a $ 30 gift card on the receipt. In the United States, Netflix plans to start at $ 7.99 a month.

Netflix previously attributed slow subscriber growth in Latin America to problems with payment processing: a smaller percentage of people in the region use credit and debit cards. Reed Hastings, founder, and CEO of Netflix spoke on Monday about the “enormous complexity of payments” in Brazil.

Netflix had no comment on buying gift cards in other countries, but selling them in Mexico may be evidence of that. Mexico is not only the second-largest economy in Latin America but also one in which only a quarter of the population has a bank account.

“Latin America is one of the most difficult markets for digital commerce,” said Julija Jurkevic, global research analyst at SNL Kagan, in the Huffington Post. I hope they launch [gift cards] in more markets in Latin America.

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