Walgreens announced today that the first phase of mental health training provided by the National Behavioral Health Council for All complements the health outcomes of the company pharmacist. The training initiative was first announced last May as part of Mental Health Month in the United States.

Mental Health First Aid trains participants in mental health literacy, understand risk factors and warning signs of addiction and mental health problems, and strategies to help someone get in and out of a crisis. It is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmaceutical Education.

These Walgreens pharmacists, whose job is to improve patient outcomes and medication compliance, are also the first to do so through an exclusive collaboration between Walgreens, the National Council on Behavioral Health, and the American Pharmacists Association.

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“At pharmacies in the United States, our pharmacists talk to patients with a variety of illnesses, including mental health, on a daily basis,” said Rina Shah, vice president of Walgreens Specialist Pharmacy and Retail Group. Given the spread and increase of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, PTSD, and other illnesses, special training may be essential to identify and work with warning signs from other providers, including searching for gaps in care or treatment. At that time, he thought we believe pharmacists could play an even bigger role in the patient care team, and we are proud to be there. We are leaders in our industry and we are expanding our mental health efforts to meet this growing need.

Today’s announcement affects many psychiatric centers and providers in the United States. report increased patient demand. Mental Health America experienced a significant increase in daily tests for depression (64%) and anxiety (70%) from January to April 2020. In a recent collaborative primary care study 1, 74% of surveyed physicians were described as pandemic patients who should increase the number of patients with mental health needs.

Walgreenslistens Mental Health Training Program

“Mental health first aid training is more important than ever as our country is threatened by a wave of mental illness after the tragic COVID-19 pandemic,” said Chuck Ingoglia, President and CEO of Behavior at the National Council of Health. We are delighted that these Walgreens pharmacists have received this important training and are able to provide significant help and advice when the demand for mental health first aid is expected to reach historic levels.

Mental health and first aid at work.

As part of the collaboration between Walgreens and the National Council and to strengthen Walgreens’ commitment to mental health and wellness at work, Walgreens recently completed its first phase of mental health first aid training with 65 members. of the company’s human resources team.

For team members, Walgreens offers a variety of services as part of its free employee support program, including a card with free behavior visits for team members and their families. All Walgreens-sponsored prescription and drug plans also include comprehensive psychiatric care for qualified employees.