Maybe it’s time to fill up with bacon.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some supply chains struggle to meet their needs. These problems would be the source of problems for an iconic fast-food chain.

Wendy faces supply chain problems that can cause certain menu items to “run out” at restaurants across the country, reports WYMT.

According to media reports, some Wendy locations in Kentucky were unable to offer all of the menus.

In a statement received from WYMT, a Wendy spokesperson confirmed that the network faces “production challenges” that can cause menu items to be unavailable or in short supply. They also said the situation is likely to be temporary.

As you may have heard, beef suppliers in North America face production challenges, the statement said. For this reason, some of our menu items in some restaurants in this current environment are rare from time to time.

He continued: We hope it will be temporary and we are working diligently to minimize the impact on our customers and restaurants.

Fox News contacted Wendy’s, but the company did not immediately respond.

Wendy’s is not the only restaurant with problems in the supply chain.

Due to the coronavirus outbreaks, several meat factories in North America have closed, according to Forbes.

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This would lead to meat shortages in certain regions. Meat suppliers also face the loss of restaurant orders and increased demand for safety equipment at their facilities, which appears to be putting enormous pressure on the U.S. food supply chain.


Wendy’s removes a page from the Taco Bell instruction manual and plans to distribute the author’s menu for free amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, Wendy announced that participating restaurants across the country would order 4-piece chicken nuggets for anyone visiting Transit this Friday, April 24. The company says the “GroupNug” campaign was inspired by members of the chain and restaurant team who “did everything” to help their communities.

Wendy’s catering teams across the country have experienced one of Wendy’s core values: doing the right thing and helping their communities where they can at this unprecedented time, said Carl Loredo, director of marketing. at Wendy’s USA in a press release. These actions illuminate so many people in Wendy and across the country that they are doing good to others. We want to show our appreciation across the country with our GroupNug offering.

Wendy’s also posted information about the best team members on their Square Deal blog, and documented cases where Wendy’s franchisees offer free meals to front-line workers, first responders, and people in need.

“We are very proud of all the efforts we have seen and we know there is more,” says the blog. It’s the people like the ones above that shine and keep us active at times like this.

In honor of GroupNug’s action, Wendy’s Twitter account is still taking a break from her usual bad mood to honor workers and citizens who “deserve a wink.”