BBM has remained to be a fierce force when it comes to the messaging app world. It was the number one app for a long time and it was BBM for PC only that introduced the world with the free messaging concept.

Once it was launched in the industry with blackberry phones, it raised the sales of Blackberry devices phenomenally.There were times when Blackberry was majorly known for its BBM services. It became such a powerful app that the former went on to become a major part of the marketing scheme of Blackberry.

The developers of BBM did not allow the app on other operating systems in the beginning because that would turn people away from Blackberry, given that BBM on PC was the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for the blackberry phones.

However, with the count of clock the world totally evolved and the industry saw a great number of apps that surfaced in the industry. It forced a great competition in the market and it also contributed to the backing down of BBM. The likes of BBM were overshadowed by Whatsapp and other apps. This was the high time for BBM to get aligned with other OS.

bbm for pc

Finally, the developers of BBM announced their association with Android platform. This resulted in many people sharing their BBM pins over the social media. It caused a great hype in the market.

BBM for PC Features and Functions :

With the help of BBM, the person can not only send photos but also send videos to friends. The concept of knowing the time when recipient reads a message was introduced to the industry by BBM. It will remain to be one of the game changers when it comes the free messaging world.

Let us talk of its features.

  1. You can exchange free text messages with friends and the dear ones. There are no extra costs involved with the same. This escalates the importance of BBM even more.
  2. BBM is very popular among the long distance couples as it reduced the distance between them virtually.
  3. The videos can be shared among friends without any hassles or breakdown in the service.
  4. You can choose from the emoticons available in the interface of BBM.
  5. The integration to social media is phenomenal.

Blackberry Messenger on Computer available on Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Windows XP is really nice one.

BBM is one of the best free messaging apps in the industry and it enforced the developers to launch its PC version too.

Download BBM on PC Easily Steps :

Here are the steps to download the same:

  1. You can make use of BlueStacks installer for downloading BBM for PC. For that purpose, you can download BlueStacks by going to its official website.
  2. Once BlueStacks has been brought on board, you can search for BBM in its search box. This displays the results with the icon of BBM.
  3. The icon of BBM is also accompanied with the Install button situated with it.
  4. Please click on the install button to facilitate the process of downloading and wait for a few moments until it is completely installed.

So folks, I hope you liked these steps a lot and we are also looking to enjoy this guide with you friends on BBM for Computer.